I Guess This Just Happens

Years ago, I would write little notes while sitting at work in the Movies 12 projection booth. They were to the beautiful girl that years later become my gorgeous wife. They were just to say little things, like I was thinking about her or that I was looking forward to seeing her soon or working out whatever issue we had the last time we were together. We even have some of them still stashed away so that one day, when Tyler is of a similar age, we will share them with him and tell of the love we shared then and continue to share today. That love has never diminished, but has transformed into a great bond that will never die. I rarely write notes to her anymore but show her love in other ways.

Recently, the desire to write little notes has hit me again. But this time, I am compelled to write little notes to Tyler. I know it will be several years before he can read anything, but while sitting here in the Cathay Pacific Lounge on my way to the other side of the world, I want to talk to him. Even though I don’t spend too much time talking to Tasha’s belly (come on, that just feels silly 🙂 ), I know that a kick or a punch, or a somersault is just a reach away. The thought of not feeling his growing strength for over 2 weeks is going to be tough on me.

Tyler, I can’t wait until you are here, in our arms, with me grinning so wide that I look like a cartoon character. I can’t wait to watch you grow and watch you learn. I can’t wait to feel your boundless energy as you bounce around in your momma’s belly. It may seem like forever to you, but I will be home soon. I love you, buddy…and I still don’t get to meet you for 3 more months!!! Don’t drive your mom too crazy while I’m away! 😉