You’d think I have nothing better to do

Of course Tasha will say differently…

Despite the little traffic this site gets, I updated the codebase (blog and photo gallery) for it for a couple reasons…

  1. some of my .php files for WordPress and Coppermine had been compromised (hacked) somehow
  2. the Wordprss code had been updated so allow me to add/update easier in the future
  3. I like not having to worry about storage space limitations when using hosted solutions for photos, videos, etc
  4. the above resulted in me having photos/videos posted on my Coppermine gallery, photobucket, youtube, and Picasaweb
  5. I get bored with things easily…at least this change is cheaper than changing phones or cars

Doing this upgrade has given me a new found desire to get back to posting updates on our lives, photos, videos, etc. I have also started using Facebook a lot more so I have made it easier to post items there as well.

So, please bookmark the site, add it to your RSS feed list, ignore it, or whatever you do with sites like this…

I will do my best to provide frequent update to what is going on in our lives….

– peeps gets a makeover…

When I decided to stop using CPGNuke as my site script, I converted back to a regular Coppermine site and Ryan helped me get WordPress setup to act as my means of conveying whatever I choose to write about. I checked all the Coppermine themes available and found the one I liked the most and low and behold, that is what Ryan was/is using. 😥 I looked some more and found one I liked. That was the theme I had Ryan integrate into WordPress and I tweaked until it was almost seamless between the 2 systems.

That, however, had it’s limitations since the theme was relatively graphics intensive and I am no graphic designer. So that means design changes to that theme would be somewhat hard to do. So I found a color scheme I liked and altered the layout a bit. I created a single image file for the header and like that, gets a makeover!

Feel free to leave me any comments about the color scheme, image, or whatever to make your visit to my site more pleasant. Are the links colors easy to see, the text easy to read? Too big? Too small? Let me know and I will take your ideas into consideration…

– peeps

My Obligatory “Use Firefox, Not IE” Rant!

Well, if you have visited in the past couple days, you have noticed that I added a navigation menu at the top of the page instead of having the navigation links on the right side of the page with the other links. This is done via CSS, plain ‘ol HTML and a bit of code by a WordPress developer called “Intelligent Menus” to highlight the current page. I spent about 3 evenings and lunch hours researching the best way to do this and how to format it the way I want (note that I use Firefox as my default browser). I finally got it formatted the way I wanted and relaxed a bit.

All was good.

That is until I opened up my site for a browser compatibility check and realized that Internet Explorer (IE) does not display the top border on the tabs!

I spent another 3-4 hours trying to fix this to no avail. I will prrobably have to end up creating background images for the tabs and telling the CSS to apply the correct image for the tabs.

Keep in mind that nothing is fancy about the code. It is standard CSS and HTML and IE cannot display it properly! It works in Firefox and Opera, why not IE!

So I take this opportunity to try to introduce everyone to Firefox. Download it now and have a proper viewing experience at

– peeps

User database is added

Well, I got the user database added from the old site, but I had to manually create passwords for everyone. I will send an email shortly to tell everyone what their password is…

Tasha, yours is your usual 🙂

– peeps

Yet another new design…

Well, I got tired of the other design and its complex nature. I hope this layout will be more user friendly and encourage more interative use with everyone.

I am in the process of moving over the pictures and user data to the photo gallery, so it may be a day or 2 until you can log in to the photo gallery if you already have a username. If you can’t wait, you can sign up again while I am completing the transfer.

If you have any questions, you can email me at or just post a comment to this entry by clicking on the link below…

– peeps has arrived!

After returning from our vacation and needing a place to host all the pictures we have taken over time, I bought some webspace. is now up and running. After trying out various scripts for the main page and photo album, I am finally happy with what I have found. Please check out the Photo Gallery and register as well if you feel like it.

– peeps