I’m Sorry Buddy :(

Tyler, I’m sorry you never got a chance to meet your great grandpa…you would have loved him, just as we all do. We will tell you all about him, I promise. He was a great man.

Oh the stories you will hear! Though we will have to work on our story telling. He set the bar pretty high.

Duane’s description is pretty spot-on.

Below is his obituary:

Melvin “Mel” Carter Peeples was born on September 13, 1932, to Hugh and Mamie Peeples. He passed quietly on January 28, 2012, in the loving presence of his family. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Betty; son Robert; son Alan and his wife Reynalda; son Mark and his wife Susan; grandchildren Duane, Philip (wife Tasha), Kara, Lorien, Gabriel, and Angela (husband George); great-grandchildren Brandon, Damian, and Alyssa.

Mel attended Pampa High School and the University of Texas, graduating in 1955. He met his wife, Betty, in the summer before their freshman year of high school and they were married on January 25, 1953, while attending the University of Texas. After graduation, Mel began his professional life in private practice in Pampa, Texas, raising his family there until 1962. The family then moved to Austin where he was employed by the State of Texas until retiring from the Department of Public Safety in 1993.

Mel was a large and powerful man but his friends and family know that his physical presence was dwarfed by his virtues. He was a loving, caring family man and a trusted, reliable friend to those close to him. He enjoyed a wide range of hobbies – hunting, fishing, model airplanes, photography – but one of the things he most enjoyed was being the fix-it guy for his grandchildren. Mel and Betty also loved to travel to Mexico, making innumerable trips beginning in the ’80s along with their close friends of more than forty years, Bob and Linda Casbeer.

Mel will be deeply missed by his friends and family.

The family would like to give thanks to the staff at St. David’s Hospital, Round Rock Medical Center for their diligent and thoughtful attention to Mel’s needs over his last days.

Memorial services will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 2nd at Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home, 3125 N Lamar, Austin.


Whirlyball: Delayed Torture

So, some GTO buddies and I went and played Whirlyball yesterday. For those who haven’t played, it is like a mix of lacrosse, basketball, and bumper cars all in one. It could also be used for legal torture because today every muscle in my legs are sore, I have a bruised gut from the seat belt buckle (working on that whole gut thing though), and bruised legs from getting slammed into the side of the car everytime I hit a wall or someone nailed me.

So for 2 hours it was one of the most fun orgainzed games I have played, but today and until I no longer feel it’s lingering effects, I will continue to curse the guys that came up with it!!! 🙂

Tasha snapped some photos while we were playing…have a gander!

It sure has been a while…

Not sure if anyone even comes around here anymore, but with the proliferation of Facebook, personal websites are becoming obsolete. Anyways, I couldn’t let a year go by without a post, so here it is.

Who visits here that does not have a Facebook account other than my mom? Is it worth it to maintain the site? I have already moved the photos to Photobucket so it is really just for the posts, which I put on Facebook by default now…

So, my readers, your thoughts?

Whoa Nelly!

No posts since July, so I suppose one is due now…

July went by and we spent some time with Doug and Renee and their kiddos at the lake and at their pool. Was nice and refreshing with the heat this summer.

In August we headed out to the 3rd Annual East Texas Goats Guadalupe River Trip. Most folks camped out, but being late August…in frickin’ Texas, we stayed in the Holiday Inn. We also got to use our new waterproof digital camera for some action shots on the river without having to buy one of those cheesy disposable 35mm water cameras.

September was a busy month. For Labor Day weekend, Tasha had Brandy’s bachelorette party and Lisa’s birthday, for which we met up with Duane, Brandon, Denise and Bryce for a trip to Longhorn Caverns.

Brandy’s wedding shower was later in the month..same day as mom’s birthday and the same day I got to fly back from Colombia into Austin on a Saturday afternoon to catch all the fun. I also got to try out the new slingbox since the UT vs UTEP game was going on while I was traveling back home. Pretty neat technology! 🙂 Check out the pics from Brandy’s shower below…

Late September/early October was pretty busy for me with work travel. Nothing too exciting, just a bunch of short trips. The weekends have been just as busy though. We had the State Fair Car Show and my dad came up to hang with us for the weekend. Tried all sorts of fried foods…fried butter, fried cookie dough, fried pecan pie, sweet jalapeno shrimp corndog, Fletcher’s corny dog, and a Fletcher’s jalapeno cheese corny dog. Got the car all detailed for the car show (thanks to the guys at Stuart’s since I was traveling too much to do it myself), only to have it rain that night! 🙁

The next weekend was Eric and Virginia’s wedding…awesome time, despite the reception place not having the UT vs Colorado game on TV :). Seriously, who doesn’t have ESPN?!?!?! I kept everyone up to speed watching the live action via Slingplayer on my phone! Beat that iPhone fanboys! 😉 We forgot the camera so no pics 🙁 Beautiful wedding with a nice Texas (UT) flare!!!

The next weekend we headed out to Mexico for Brandy’ss wedding at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso in the Mayan Riviera. We stayed for 8 days and had a blast. Some nights we (I :)) can’t fully remember and some days we will NEVER forget! From catching Britney on fire with a flaming shot, to snoring so loud Tasha slept in the huge jacuzi tub, to a day trip for snorkeling and beachside chilling in Akumal with everyone, to a day trip to drive around Cozumel island to enjoy undistrurbed beauty and oceanside drinks and grub, and last but not least, the beautiful oceanfront wedding of Brandy and Todd. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and hanging with their other friends and family in such a scenic and fun place! We didn’t even have to miss the Texas-OU game thanks to the wonders of Slingbox and free broadband at the resort. It rained most of the day anyways that day, so we didn’t miss too much resort fun! 🙂 We stayed a bit longer than the rest of the group to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and then headed back home this past Friday. There are a ton of pics posted up, so have a look…

I think that is enough for now. If I think of more later, I will post. To look at the individual pics if you like, head over to the Photo Gallery

– peeps

Fun Weekend!

Duane, Brandon, and Denise (Duane’s girlie friend…who seems to be a pretty cool chica 😉 ) came up this past weekend to hang. Friday we had some nice steaks and played Guitar Hero for a while before heading off to bed. Saturday morning we got up early to head to Six Flags for the day…man was it HOT!!! We went on most of the rides and got the heck out of there before we died! We came back and rested for a bit before getting cleaned up for dinner and hanging at a friend’s house for the evening. Sunday morning we hung out at Lake Lewisville for a couple hours. They headed out after that…I’m sure that drive was tough cuz we sure were beat! For Sunday night, we went to Jeff and Karen’s for bocce ball and burgers.

All in all, a great, tiresome weekend!

– peeps

My Baby Chopped Her Hair!

PIC-0003And it looks great! It is the shortest she has ever had it and I think she chose wisely! 🙂 She says it is super easy to do each day, so now maybe she won’t make us late everywhere! 😀

I think though if she decides to go any shorter in the future I will think I am married to Sinead O’Connor 😉

Here is the camera phone pic that she sent to me while I was out of town for work this week. Let her know what you think by commenting below…

– peeps