Finally, Our Bed Has a Frame!

After about 3-4 years of having a bed without even a frame, we now have a complete set of new bedroom furniture. We purchase the furniture at The Roomstore. We got a dresser and mirror, TV armoire, 2 nightstands, and a king bed frame (at the price of a queen…shhh).

It turns out that there was a number wrong on our receipt, so when the time came for delivery, the delivery man had a king bed frame on his truck. Since we didn’t pay for it, we couln’t turn down a $200 upgrade. 😉

This of course meant we had to go out on Saturday and buy a new matress and box spring. Unfortunatley, Sleep Experts was unable to do same-day delivery so we had to sleep on the couches for another night. 😥 We also had to go out and pick out some king-sized sheets since we had none.

Well, the first night’s sleep in the “new” bedroom was kinda rough. It was almost like sleeping in a hotel’s strange bed since it was all new.

Tonight we should sleep like babies! :mrgreen:

Click here to see full size pictures of the furniture…

The really funny thing is that the bed is SOOO high, that Tasha has to run and jump just to get into it 😀

We are going to have to get a bench to put at the foot of the bed so we can put on our shoes and socks now that the bed isn’t on the ground!

– peeps