I Guess This Just Happens

Years ago, I would write little notes while sitting at work in the Movies 12 projection booth. They were to the beautiful girl that years later become my gorgeous wife. They were just to say little things, like I was thinking about her or that I was looking forward to seeing her soon or working out whatever issue we had the last time we were together. We even have some of them still stashed away so that one day, when Tyler is of a similar age, we will share them with him and tell of the love we shared then and continue to share today. That love has never diminished, but has transformed into a great bond that will never die. I rarely write notes to her anymore but show her love in other ways.

Recently, the desire to write little notes has hit me again. But this time, I am compelled to write little notes to Tyler. I know it will be several years before he can read anything, but while sitting here in the Cathay Pacific Lounge on my way to the other side of the world, I want to talk to him. Even though I don’t spend too much time talking to Tasha’s belly (come on, that just feels silly 🙂 ), I know that a kick or a punch, or a somersault is just a reach away. The thought of not feeling his growing strength for over 2 weeks is going to be tough on me.

Tyler, I can’t wait until you are here, in our arms, with me grinning so wide that I look like a cartoon character. I can’t wait to watch you grow and watch you learn. I can’t wait to feel your boundless energy as you bounce around in your momma’s belly. It may seem like forever to you, but I will be home soon. I love you, buddy…and I still don’t get to meet you for 3 more months!!! Don’t drive your mom too crazy while I’m away! 😉

I’m Sorry Buddy :(

Tyler, I’m sorry you never got a chance to meet your great grandpa…you would have loved him, just as we all do. We will tell you all about him, I promise. He was a great man.

Oh the stories you will hear! Though we will have to work on our story telling. He set the bar pretty high.

Duane’s description is pretty spot-on.

Below is his obituary:

Melvin “Mel” Carter Peeples was born on September 13, 1932, to Hugh and Mamie Peeples. He passed quietly on January 28, 2012, in the loving presence of his family. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Betty; son Robert; son Alan and his wife Reynalda; son Mark and his wife Susan; grandchildren Duane, Philip (wife Tasha), Kara, Lorien, Gabriel, and Angela (husband George); great-grandchildren Brandon, Damian, and Alyssa.

Mel attended Pampa High School and the University of Texas, graduating in 1955. He met his wife, Betty, in the summer before their freshman year of high school and they were married on January 25, 1953, while attending the University of Texas. After graduation, Mel began his professional life in private practice in Pampa, Texas, raising his family there until 1962. The family then moved to Austin where he was employed by the State of Texas until retiring from the Department of Public Safety in 1993.

Mel was a large and powerful man but his friends and family know that his physical presence was dwarfed by his virtues. He was a loving, caring family man and a trusted, reliable friend to those close to him. He enjoyed a wide range of hobbies – hunting, fishing, model airplanes, photography – but one of the things he most enjoyed was being the fix-it guy for his grandchildren. Mel and Betty also loved to travel to Mexico, making innumerable trips beginning in the ’80s along with their close friends of more than forty years, Bob and Linda Casbeer.

Mel will be deeply missed by his friends and family.

The family would like to give thanks to the staff at St. David’s Hospital, Round Rock Medical Center for their diligent and thoughtful attention to Mel’s needs over his last days.

Memorial services will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 2nd at Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home, 3125 N Lamar, Austin.


Coming Soon: Tyler Austin Peeples

That’s right, IT’S A BOY!!!

And in about 14-16 years, he will HATE that this picture is floating around the web. Oh well… 🙂

The first and middle names have no real significant meaning. Just a couple names we thought worked for both of us. But people have already told us that it is a perfect Texas boy name!

We are so excited and can’t wait to meet the little guy. When we told him all about our great family and friends and that he would get to meet them soon, Tasha said she got a  punch in the stomach. You know, the kind of excited punch that someone would do when they are super stoked about something? That punch! 😉

– peeps