Blake’s Wedding

So on May 1st, Blake Marrou got hitched to a really great gal named Becca Rice. I got the honor to be a groomsman in the wedding. It was a fun time and we are really happy for Blake! they suit each other so well! We wish them the best! The pictures we took are in the gallery

Below is a video of Trent’s toast! He is quite the character!


Ron has graduated!

For those of you who don’t know, Ron Zilkha (my homey since 5th grade) graduated (with a big “G”!!!) from the University of Texas, Liberal Arts School of Government today. After some time off from school, he went back a couple years ago and finished what he had started years before! Just wanted to help get the word out so people could tell him congrats next time they see him…

Who knows what he will do now, but I’m sure he’ll do it with that biting sarcasm we have all grown to enjoy! 😉

Congrats man! Wish we could have been there!

– peeps

You’d think I have nothing better to do

Of course Tasha will say differently…

Despite the little traffic this site gets, I updated the codebase (blog and photo gallery) for it for a couple reasons…

  1. some of my .php files for WordPress and Coppermine had been compromised (hacked) somehow
  2. the Wordprss code had been updated so allow me to add/update easier in the future
  3. I like not having to worry about storage space limitations when using hosted solutions for photos, videos, etc
  4. the above resulted in me having photos/videos posted on my Coppermine gallery, photobucket, youtube, and Picasaweb
  5. I get bored with things easily…at least this change is cheaper than changing phones or cars

Doing this upgrade has given me a new found desire to get back to posting updates on our lives, photos, videos, etc. I have also started using Facebook a lot more so I have made it easier to post items there as well.

So, please bookmark the site, add it to your RSS feed list, ignore it, or whatever you do with sites like this…

I will do my best to provide frequent update to what is going on in our lives….

– peeps

Some minor changes

I have made a few changes to the site…some behind the scenes and some more visible that may make things a bit less cumbersome to add pictures and post my musings. The old gallery is now just an archive of past stuff. All new pics will be posted to a new gallery that requires a bit less setup for each group of pics. Links are on the right.

I will add recent pics later on and maybe give everyone a quick update. I am posting this from my phone in the car and my thumbs are done and I maybe should have taken a Dramamine before starting this in the car since Tasha drives like a madman in her own car. 😉

Tasha’s Gradumacated!

On August 11, Tasha finally finished what she started back in August 1998. After 9 long years going to school part-time with a few semesters off here and there, working, changing majors, and putting up with me, she has finished her degree from the University of North Texas!

She is now (or working to be) an early childhood interventionist. I know it sounds like someone who gathers a young child’s friends and family for a surprise meeting and tries to get young kids off heroin and into rehab or something, but it isn’t. I think if I tried to explain it to you right now, I might bog you down with my horrible explanation instead of getting to the real point I am trying to make with this post…so just ask her. She will tell you all about it.

I am so proud of Tasha. I think if I had ever stopped going to school even once, I would have never gone back. She didn’t just stop once, she did it twice…I think. It might have been 3 times. Either way, it really takes someone special to stick with something for so long and see it through. But I knew she would do it….after all, she has stuck with me longer than she did college ;). I love you babe! You RULE!

Anyways, the pictures from her graduation and graduation party are here. Enjoy! And if you haven’t congratulated her yet, please do so.

Christmas Lists 2005

Just like last year, we have put our Christmas wish lists up on It is setup this year to not show us anything that has been bought until the end of Christmas weekend, but when you click to indicate you have bought something it sould tell you if it has been bought. We’ll see everyone in a couple weeks! We should be in Austin from Friday to Tuesday of Christmas Weekend…

Sure, the top one in my list may be a pipe dream, but it I can dream, can’t I?

– peeps