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So it seems that helping pull off a successful Goatfest wasn’t the only think I pulled off on September 17th. It seems that I also managed to pull off another amazing act…starting a new chapter of our lives together. And it seems that 17th’s and 8’s have some sort of synergy in our lives! 😉

  • May 17 – Tasha’s birthday
  • April 17, 1996 – Asked Tasha on our first date
  • April 17, 2004 – Asked Tasha to be my bride
  • September 17, 2011 – Conceived baby peeps
  • Married after 8 years of dating
  • baby peeps to be born after 8 years of marraige

This little ticker below will keep you up to date on how far along Tasha is in the pregnancy and if you click on it, it will give you a detailed description of the baby’s development and the pregnancy.

having a baby

This is very exciting for both of us! We can’t wait to introduce you all to baby peeps and have our child grow to love our friends and family as we do.

We have started to put together a baby registry since we will be needing all sorts of stuff for the new addition. You can browse the list here:

Here is Tasha at 12.5 weeks:

Here is Tasha at 18 weeks:

Here is Tasha at 22 weeks:

Here is Tasha at 26 weeks:

Here is Tasha at 30 weeks:

Here is Tasha at 35 weeks:

Here is Tasha at 38 weeks:

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  1. You’re the most gorgeous pregnant mama. Look at that baby belly. This is great to have this site to keep track.

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