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It all began my senior year in high school with the line, “Hey Rae, you know your friend Tasha is kinda cute.” Less than a week later, on April 17th, 1996 with Matthew Seeman kicking me in his sleep, Tasha agreed to go on a date with me. Our first date was on April 19th.  It was the picture perfect first date. A beat up Pontiac Grand Prix (thankfully the A/C decided to work that day), romantic funk on the CD player (Red Hot Chili Peppers “One Hot Minute”), Putt-Putt golf (where I received a page from a girl I had been dating), dinner at Bennigan’s and topping the night off at the Rocky Horror Picture Show (where they made me do the embarrassing first-timer “virgin” dance). At the end of the night, as we said our goodbyes, Tasha stretched up on her tippy-toes and gave me a kiss.

From that moment on, we were inseparable. I even dropped off my prom date early that year and went to pick up Tasha. I stuck by her side as she finished high school and she stuck by my side as I started and finished college at the University of Texas at Austin. When I finished school, we decided to move to the Dallas area so Tasha could attend the University of North Texas.

In early 2004, all the pieces finally fell together to ask Tasha to be my wife. I went and picked out a ring, asked for her father’s blessing, and planned the perfect proposal. On April 17th, 2004, Tasha and I drove off to play Putt-Putt in my Pontiac Grand Am, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers “One Hot Minute.” She had no idea! On the 8th hole (for the 8 years we have been together), as I picked my ball up out of the cup, I pulled the ring out of my pocket. I turned around, knelt down and asked Tasha to be my wife. It took a moment for it to sink in that the moment she had waited for was finally there. With a great big smile on her face, she said YES!

We got married on October 23, 2004 in Denton, Texas at Wildwood Inn.

Click on the picture to see photos from our wedding.

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