In & Around Jakarta

During my trip last week to Jakarta, I had Tuesday off of work because it was a public holiday, so a colleague from the local office we are working with took me on a scenic drive around the Jakarta countryside. We drove to the Jatiluhur Reservoir to look at an old dam built in the 1950’s, toward Bandung, Cianjur and then Puncak (click for a Google Map). The area is very scenic and beautiful once you get out of the pollution of the city.

Enjoy the pics. It was the first full-time camera duty I have experienced with my new iPhone 4 (yeah, yeah…that will get it’s own post soon) and I was pretty impressed. Some were taken with the Hipstamatic app for retro-type photos. With the grittiness of the area and the retro look from the App, it made for a pretty neat effect.

Click on the slideshow to take you to Photobucket where the pics are actually in order…

Valentine’s with Bintang

That’s right…we are apart for Valentine’s Day. My poor wife sitting at home while I am in my usual work travel spot having “dinner”. Let’s just say that there are some things Indonesia does well like pirated DVDs and fresh seafood in a tent. Most other things are a mess. On my 8th trip here and this is the saving grace 🙂

It sure has been a while…

Not sure if anyone even comes around here anymore, but with the proliferation of Facebook, personal websites are becoming obsolete. Anyways, I couldn’t let a year go by without a post, so here it is.

Who visits here that does not have a Facebook account other than my mom? Is it worth it to maintain the site? I have already moved the photos to Photobucket so it is really just for the posts, which I put on Facebook by default now…

So, my readers, your thoughts?