Fun with Flying

So I landed in London this morning basically on time. Took the tram over to Terminal 1 at London Heathrow and found that because of a computer failure, they didn’t have any departure boards working showing the departure times and gates. They were writing them with a sharpie on paper setup on an easel!!! So my coworker and I waited 4 hours for our boarding time and made our way to the most remote gate at LHR – Gate 74, Terminal 1! Upon getting there, we found that the jetbridge had a hydraulic problem and no longer lined up with the boarding door of the plane, so they shuffled us off to a waiting area and kept us posted with useless status updates for ~2 hours before telling us that the plane could not be inspected since they still couldn’t move the jetbridge so they were getting another plane for us…that meant 4 more hours of layover!!! So…the flight is SUPPOSED to leave in another hour and 10 minutes…we’ll see…

Hopefully sometime in the next half a day or so, I will end up in Almaty!

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