Seattle…the city that doesn’t let me sleep

My flight to Seattle on Sunday was delayed due to mechanical problems. I had already chosen the latest flight from DFW since we were in Austin for the weekend. I was scheduled to arrive in Seattle at 11:15p. After a late arrival of the inbound plane and a mechanical inspection that removed our scheduled aircraft from service, I finally arrive in Seattle by 12:45a. My rental car reservation was canceled due to my flight delay and I waited for 15 minutes for the Hertz rep who had apparently taken a “lunch” break. After getting the car and checking in at the hotel, I settled into my room at about 1:30am. I suspect I got to sleep around 2am for a 6am alarm and 7am breakfast with colleagues and a day of meetings at a jobsite.

The next night I settled into bed around 10pm hoping for a restful night. The alarm was again set for 6am so I could arrive to the jobsite early and get all my work done before catching my afternoon flight. Through the night I think I woke up on average about every 20 minutes!!!! I’m not exactly sure what it was other than maybe a paranoia that I would miss my alarm since all my colleagues were leaving that morning leaving me as the only one heading to the jobsite that day. I managed to get through the day OK but I had to drag myself to the plane…where I am typing this during airplane dinner a questionable cheeseburger…yeah, I dunno either! 😉

I requested an upgrade for the trip home after determining on the flight to Seattle that 4 hours and 20 minutes is beyond my economy seat threshold (yes, even exit row due to the shorter seat length resulting in weird thigh support) when I am tired and trying to sleep on the plane which is normally next to impossible anyways for me. I find the larger comfy seat and the free cocktails and wine in first do the trick to calm me enough for some sleep 😉

On a better note, we went to a place called Salty’s on Monday night for dinner and had some awesome NW food and wine. The weather was amazing!!!

Well enough with my adventures in travel….time for a nap!


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