Fun Weekend!

Duane, Brandon, and Denise (Duane’s girlie friend…who seems to be a pretty cool chica 😉 ) came up this past weekend to hang. Friday we had some nice steaks and played Guitar Hero for a while before heading off to bed. Saturday morning we got up early to head to Six Flags for the day…man was it HOT!!! We went on most of the rides and got the heck out of there before we died! We came back and rested for a bit before getting cleaned up for dinner and hanging at a friend’s house for the evening. Sunday morning we hung out at Lake Lewisville for a couple hours. They headed out after that…I’m sure that drive was tough cuz we sure were beat! For Sunday night, we went to Jeff and Karen’s for bocce ball and burgers.

All in all, a great, tiresome weekend!

– peeps

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