Am I just getting old?

Or is the new Eminem CD “Relapse” just lame? I gave it 2 listens on the flight to Tucson and was thoroughly unimpressed. Out of 20 tracks only 4 were somewhat worthwhile. It sounds like he based the tone of most of his songs off the worst songs from his last 2 albums. Seriously, about 12 tracks are done in a stupid voice and there are about 4 skits. I sure wish rock music would have some worthwhile artists come around so I didn’t have to listen to mediocre hip-hop…

And since I can’t stand radio, I get very little exposure to new tunes aside from hunting down new albums from artists I have previously enjoyed. Taking music recommendations now…post ’em up in the comments below.


2 Replies to “Am I just getting old?”

  1. pretty much every song i’ve heard on the new eminem sucks. metallica – death magnetic is really the last good album i’ve heard and liked pretty much start to finish. and T.I. and the game had some good songs, most the other stuff is more the norm, 1 or 2 good songs and the rest is junk.

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