You’d think I have nothing better to do

Of course Tasha will say differently…

Despite the little traffic this site gets, I updated the codebase (blog and photo gallery) for it for a couple reasons…

  1. some of my .php files for WordPress and Coppermine had been compromised (hacked) somehow
  2. the Wordprss code had been updated so allow me to add/update easier in the future
  3. I like not having to worry about storage space limitations when using hosted solutions for photos, videos, etc
  4. the above resulted in me having photos/videos posted on my Coppermine gallery, photobucket, youtube, and Picasaweb
  5. I get bored with things easily…at least this change is cheaper than changing phones or cars

Doing this upgrade has given me a new found desire to get back to posting updates on our lives, photos, videos, etc. I have also started using Facebook a lot more so I have made it easier to post items there as well.

So, please bookmark the site, add it to your RSS feed list, ignore it, or whatever you do with sites like this…

I will do my best to provide frequent update to what is going on in our lives….

– peeps

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