1,460 Days with a SEG!!!

The supercharged Roush Mustang on the tollway today witnessed my SEG. He had one too as we hit ~120mph.

Well, today I have had my car for exactly 4 years and stomping my right foot to the floor never seems to get old. I try and try to wear that pedal out, but it just keeps asking for more. No matter how much I flog it, it just asks for more even after 66,000 miles!

I just want to say thanks for the fun times, GTO…THANKS!!!!!!

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  1. very nice…in the past week i’m pretty sure i made a grand prix gtp owner cry, and a guy in a GTO on 183 perhaps learned that once you’re doing 80 on the highway you might want to drop it a gear if you plan to race me and actually take me..maybe you should give him a driving lesson 😉

  2. That little GTO of yours is nice, gotta grant that, and the fact that you can drive the hell out of it.

    As far as our ’06 Mustang GT, the last great experience was back in October, north of Roswell, NM. I topped a rise where I could see for a good 15-20 miles and not a car in sight. I cranked up the Johnny Winter and asked Red what she had. I did a cool 10 miles at 135 mph, smoothe as silk, and still had a bit to spare. Now THAT”S a ride!!!

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