Darwin dyed his hair

Rae is gonna kill me for making this public, but here it goes! 🙂

I wanted to share this little story about Darwin.

On Monday morning, it was storming pretty bad and also the night before, so none of the dogs wanted to go outside to do their business, so they were all holding it for quite a while. On Monday evening, I got home from work just a bit before Tasha. She had to run some errands, so I beat her home this day. As I walked into the house, it smelled a bit like poo. At first, I figured it was Jester since, as I approached his crate, he was cowering like he had done something wrong. It wasn’t Jester, so I turned towards Darwin’s crate and OMFG! This little white powderpuff was a little brown shitball! Apparently, he was having some stomach issues and since he had not really gone potty since Sunday afternoon, he couldn’t hold it any longer and shit all over his bed and crate. Now usually, dogs will do that in 1 corner of a crate and just hang on the other side until they are let out. Not Darwin! He must have thought it would just go away if he rolled around in it. Either that, or it would keep him warm!

Just as I was beginning to wrap up my laughter, Tasha got home and her shocked reaction was priceless!!!! As we finished enjoying the humor of the moment, we realized we had to face the horror of the situation. I grabbed Darwin with a towel and carried him to his first of what would be 2 baths in 2 separate tubs for the evening. The first bath wrapped up with Darwin dropping a runny load in the bathwater, hence the second bath in the other tub. His bed went promptly into the trash and his crate got the hose!

Our shock from the situation made us forget to snap some pics of the little guy, but believe me. Your mental image is EXACTLY what we saw!!!

Well, his tummy seems to be better now as he seems to be more chipper these last few days. We picked him up a new bed while we were out this morning and hopefully, this little episode never occurs again! 🙂

Sorry for the infrequent updates…I guess I just don’t have much to say…

– peeps

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