6 Replies to “Pics Galore”

  1. 2 comments…

    1st, it looks like you only have one hand on the steering wheel while you’re driving at speeds of over 110 MPH…Is that the safest way for the future father of my grandchildren to behave?

    2nd, Tasha looks great holding a baby in her arms…time for you kids to quit practicing and start producing! 🙄 …

  2. So what you’re saying is that you are shifting into a higher gear at 110 plus MPH?

    Come on man! I would have imagined that you’re already in the highest gear at that speed! Are you telling me that you are going to downshift at that speed? 😯

  3. at 110 mph, that’s only 4th gear and quickly approaching the top of 4th. 5th is still on deck, with 6th riding the pine for the TMS event… 🙂

    You need to ride along next year! 😉

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