The Great Outdoors

…sort of, but not really 😉

I mean, we are outdoors, in the middle of the big trees in east Texas enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors, but at the same time, I am writing this on a wireless internet connection, listening to random tunes on the iPod waiting for the flat screen TV with DirecTV to tune into the Texas vs OSU game 😉

So far we are really enjoying our time here at The Greer Farm. We were welcomed by Sid and Eva, the owners, yesterday and shown our cabin where we found a great little gift basket from my mom (THANKS!). The cabins are exactly as shown on their website. We got settled in and then took a trip to the local Brookshire’s. After that trip, I have determined that all grocery stores in big towns are just a rip off! There were small town values galore there! We came back to the cabin to find Tux, the Greer’s cattle dog waiting for us. He does this funny thing while playing fetch. While walking, he would bring the piece of wood we were playing with and drop it about 10 feet in front of us and then run ahead and wait for us to kick or throw it. This continued for a couple hours while we walked around the lake, sat on the dock, and chilled around the cabin. We cooked some nice ribeyes last night on the grill and watched a couple movies. It was pretty chilly last night so we didn’t hang outside for very long.

Today, we got up, made breakfast with the Greer’s farm fresh eggs and lounged for a bit before getting outside. We went for a fairly long walk, where we were greeted today by Peppie, one of their other dogs. He isn’t one for fetch really, but just a good companion for walking around. We checked out a pretty good portion of the farm, including the main house, chicken and goat pen (where I did a sweet Mark Wahlberg talks to Animals impression…here is the link for reference). I will post the video of that when we get back home. We also saw the blueberry and blackberry fields.

Tonight we are probably going to head into one of the nearby towns for their fall festival. Tomorrow we will likely just chill some more and maybe take a canoe out on the lake.

Hope everyone is doing well and will post more later.

– peeps

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  1. Yeah, the weather sure has been great! Windows are open on the cabin and the sun is shining bright! We have been pretty lucky with our Anniversay weekend since our wedding (aside from the cold-ass weekend at Caprock Canyon SP, but even that was great during the days…

  2. You guys are hilarious and we love ya. Glad you two are having such a blast. Can’t wait for the Halloween Party!

    -Em and Aaron

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