Inflight Gourmet

Everyone says airline food is crap. However in my experience, most of it, especially in business class or higher on international flights, it is usually decent. Tonights choice was grilled lamb with cilantro mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. All-in-all, it was a decent airline meal, but the mashed potatoes made me realize I should try throwing some cilantro into our instant potatoes next time we make them. It was a nice change, I thought. The asparagus left me with my usual question after eating asparagus…

Why does it make your pee smell so damn bad???? I don’t know of any other veggie that does that, but asparagus does it EVERYTIME! It is like taking penicillin. I enjoy a nicely prepared asparagus spear, but my god, why do I have to be reminded that I ate asparagus for at least a day after I ate it everytime I relieve myself????

I get to see how Qantas compares to American here in a couple hours…

Travel Frustration

So, today at 7pm I was supposed to be leaving for Indonesia for a week. I wake up this morning with a text message from Cathay Pacific stating that my LAX-HKG flight was canceled due to a typhoon passing through the area. So I spent about 2.5 hours working with the travel agent to get a new flight booked for today at 5pm that still got me to Indonesia on Sunday (while still earning all my FF miles). I finally get all that resolved and then the bomb drops….

Someone messed up somewhere and FedEx, who was supposed to be delivering my passport with my Indonesian business visa by noon, re-delivered it back to our Houston office. Not sure where the screw up came, but needless to say, I won’t be flying today….

I should only miss about a half day of meetings, but I have wasted the whole damn morning on this and I just want to scream! So now I will be heading straight from flying for 23+ hours into meetings….

The cool thing about this whole ordeal is that I will be flying completely around the world now…

DFW-London-Singapore-Jakarta-Hong Kong-LAX-DFW…all in business class!

Around the world flights!