As Ozzy so eloquently put it…

“Momma I’m coming home”

Well…I’m tired, I miss my wife, my dogs, my friends, am a bit homesick (rugby is not a substitute for some good ol’ American football!!!!), tired of hearing “Tak Tahan Lagi” playing on the tape deck (so what that I have it on repeat….it is the only “decent” song on the tape), and a Toyota Kijang IS NOT a GTO.

I’ll be home Sunday afternoon from Indonesia and I have alot of TV/sports on the DVR to catch up on…

Not sure I’ll write much more. I’ve said it all before. See the related posts links below if you have forgotten…

If I remember, I will at least post a link to “Tak Tahan Lagi” on here so you can all suffer too. If you are bored, search for it on YouTube.

3 Replies to “As Ozzy so eloquently put it…”

  1. And when you get home you will be welcomed back to the “CRAZY TRAIN!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

    It will be good to have you home for the good three days that you’ll be home! 😉

  2. No joke…each week I am back I have a short trip (in the states thankfully!) for 3 weeks in a row!!

    At least it gets me that much closer to Executive Platinum on AA this year! Then I get free upgrades until Feb 2009!!!!

  3. I’m soooooooooo excited that you are finally coming home to your sweet sweet. I know she has missed you dearly. So have I….and I’m not even there…there is no place like home. I can just see Tash and the dogs when you get home. Hope to see you and the family soon.

    Love you,

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