Tasha’s Gradumacated!

On August 11, Tasha finally finished what she started back in August 1998. After 9 long years going to school part-time with a few semesters off here and there, working, changing majors, and putting up with me, she has finished her degree from the University of North Texas!

She is now (or working to be) an early childhood interventionist. I know it sounds like someone who gathers a young child’s friends and family for a surprise meeting and tries to get young kids off heroin and into rehab or something, but it isn’t. I think if I tried to explain it to you right now, I might bog you down with my horrible explanation instead of getting to the real point I am trying to make with this post…so just ask her. She will tell you all about it.

I am so proud of Tasha. I think if I had ever stopped going to school even once, I would have never gone back. She didn’t just stop once, she did it twice…I think. It might have been 3 times. Either way, it really takes someone special to stick with something for so long and see it through. But I knew she would do it….after all, she has stuck with me longer than she did college ;). I love you babe! You RULE!

Anyways, the pictures from her graduation and graduation party are here. Enjoy! And if you haven’t congratulated her yet, please do so.