I am really getting annoyed with restaurants…

Why is it that every place we go that has sweetener on the table, it is damp and clumpy. I sure hope it is damp and clumpy from someone leaving it next to a humidifier overnight and not from an hourly drenching of cleansers and disinfectants used to clean the tables. Or perhaps the box it came in was sitting on the floor in the kitchen as they mopped away the daily grime while not caring that the box of sweetener was getting soaked with who-knows-what. I know I really don’t want to know the answer and it never really bothered me before when it would happen at 1 in every 5 or 10 restaurants. But now, it seems that it is like that everywhere, even the brand new chain by our house that has only been open for a week!

Maybe the disinfectant drenched sweetener disinfects my insides 😀

Perhaps I should keep a box of sweetener in each car, but then how thirsty will I be? Will I need 2 packets or 10 packets?

I guess I just don’t undersand what is so hard about keeping products that should remain dry….dry…

Maybe I should collect packets, label them, and send them off to some lab for testing. Then sell the story to a news agency.

– peeps

3 Replies to “BYOS?”

  1. Dude!!! What is your deal??? I think that someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! 🙄

  2. Man, I know what you mean. Clumpy saccharine packets are the pits. But then there are the empty little blue, pink, and yellow packets all over the floor; jeeezzz, would somebody please PICK THEM UP FOR GODSAKES?

    And then there’s glitter…………

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