Bug…I would rather drink Raid!

This movie had an absolutely horrible story. Incredible acting, crap story. The whole cast did a great job at convincing you they are frickin’ nut balls, but whoever wrote this movie and convinced these actors to sign on, should be banned from Hollywood. Following the blessed end to this movie (blessed because it was finally over!) the entire audience in the theatre were laughing about how ridiculous this movie was and why they wasted time and money watching this.

I almost feel that my time spent screening some of the really crappy movies I had to screen as a projectionist was time better spent.

Hell, I rarely ever review a movie on here, but the mere fact that I am writing about this one should demonstrate just how bad it was.

Oh and BTW, the Grapevine AMC 30 up here charge $9/ticket for an evening show! That isn’t too big a difference really, especially if you are already at the mall and planning to watch an evening show. However, when you are planning to watch a 4:30 movie (assumed to be a $7 matinee) and their evening times start at 4pm on weekends, it will make you laugh at the cashier, walk off, and spend less than half that difference in gas (ok, maybe just a bit more than half…we were in the GTO ;)) driving to another theatre chain. That will be the last time I consider AMC. I will stick with Cinemark and the Denton Movie Tavern from now on for reasonable ticket prices ($5.50 and $4 respectively for shows before 6pm)!

– peeps

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  1. So…you’re saying you DIDN’T like the movie…right??? 😯 OMG!!! I’ve known you for this long and I swear that is has got to be the ONLY time I have EVER heard you give an opinion this strong! Sorry…but I had to laugh… 😆

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