Absense DOES make the heart grow fonder…

Now this won’t be some sappy post about how much I love my wife (which is immeasurable by the way 😀 ). Although I’m sure she would love that. 😉

No, this is about a longing you feel only when deprived of the pavement pounding, rubber burning, gas guzzling, adrenaline pumping acceleration that gives you that SEG (shit eating grin) every time you tap the right pedal of the 400 hp beast known as the 2005 GTO.

After 3 1/2 weeks of being gone to Indonesia and doing basically no driving, I almost forgot how much fun my Goat is to drive…the key word there is ALMOST! I was itching to get back to that sweet, sweet, rumbling Torrid Red monster.

Since I have been back the past 2 weeks, I think I have sat in Tasha’s car maybe 2 times. Its not that her car isn’t nice. I just can’t say no to the GTO begging me to stretch her long legs after 3 1/2 weeks without any “exercise”. The only day she saw sunlight for the time I was gone was on the day Tasha took her in to get the windows tinted (thanks again honey!).

I went back today and read my post that has the Autoextremist review of the 2005 GTO and after having the car for 2 years, I still think this article is spot on! The juice is DEFINITELY worth the squeeze!

It is a shame that the current generation GTO production has stopped. I can only hope the next generation invokes the same feelings in anyone that has the privilege to drive one. Long live the Goat! 😀

– peeps

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