Why did the Indonesian chicken cross the road?

I think because its life would be short with any decision it makes and no decision is a realy good one….on the same side, the other side, or while crossing. I think during the 9 hour drive from Soroako to Kolaka last sunday, my driver almost hit about 10 chickens while passing through the villages. And then maybe 3-5 on the 3 hour drive from Kolaka to Kendari last night. So that covers the middle of the road. Now on either side, the chicken must know that one of the locals will be snatching it up soon for dinner, so it better not hang out too long. I think just constantly crossing the road makes the chicken feel that its life will be longer by avoiding being eaten. That is if it can avoid the cars….

Sometimes it is scary to see the chickens pecking at scraps and whatever it can find to eat on the side of the roads or the fields….especially after you were just next door having chicken for lunch. Perhaps the chicken I ate was running around trying to get run over the day before 😉 Oh well! It was all pretty tasty and I didn’t get sick.

Finally back in civilization (Jakarta Airport) and headed towards home after departing home on January 30th and adding an extra week to my trip to visit another client on the same island.

More to come when I have time to jot it all down….and tons of pictures.

– peeps

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  1. Thanks! It is basically an out of the box design by someone else. Makes it easy for me! Probably will change the picture up top once I have some more time…

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