Two legs down…3 to go! Then back again!

Well, here in Hong Kong now. This trip was much better than my last flight to Hong Kong. If you recall, my in seat movies and music did not work for the duration of the 14 hour flight plus our flight left 4 hours late and missed our connecting flight. Well, this time looked to be more of the same, as halfway through Invincible (the cheesy Marky Mark feel-good movie), my movie froze up. It continued to fail after rebooting the system a couple times. Luckily business class had a bunch of empty seats, so I just moved across the way to another seat for the rest of the flight and all was good! Three more flights to go until I get to Soroako, plus a stayover in Bali tonight. I should get to see some of Bali this time, as long as there are no flight delays.

I will be in Soroako for 2 weeks and make the same trip back to the States, just in reverse…except we go through Jakarta instead of Bali and the stayover is in Hong Hong and Los Angeles instead of Vancouver…so maybe it isn’t the same trip back 🙂 .

More to come later….

– peeps

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