10 Things I Learned Over Byron’s Wedding Weekend

10. Amir is NOT a terrorist…at least that is what he told everyone in his speech. Pictures in his pink turbin may indicate otherwise. 🙂
9. Beer and Taco Cabana’s Gigante Burrito from the night before might make all the groomsmen standing behind you pass out…or whatever Wes ate mixed with gallons of Red Bull….
8. After the wedding, it is too late for the WEDGE!
7. Buck can get down!
6. Rhinestone ankle ties make pimpin’ headbands!
5. Whenever going through the drive through, don’t get out to talk to the people behind you…your ride might just drive off!
4. Amir turns into the Beast from the Middle East when bowling!
3. Sitters or Standers..which to go to when the urge hits???
2. Taco Cabana is open 24 hours, but their restroom is NOT…be careful when using their “outhouse” or you might end up with a wet shoe…just ask the girl from #5.
1. Chicken Pot Pie is NEVER a good idea when going out drinking…don’t worry! It wasn’t one of us!

Tasha and I sure had a great time! Thanks again Byron and Christy for letting me be part of this! The pictures I took can be found here.

– peeps

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