Just an Update

Well, I just wanted to post an update since I hadn’t really posted anything lately.

We haven’t been up to much, that is why I hadn’t added anything. Tasha got her last 2 wisdom teeth pulled this morning, so we both got a day off of work. She is laying on the couch with an ice pack wrapped around her head and she is eating pain pills, penicillin, yogurt, mac & cheese and other soft stuff.

I am loving the GTO. Lisa (Tasha’s mom) was up a couple weeks ago and she wanted to go for a ride in it, so after driving at not-so-legal speeds, we went to the new high school down the street and put some nice rubber circles on their new parking lot (the one the band uses for their practice field). Lisa and Tasha had had enough after that. My job was complete. 😈

Tasha is enjoying her 2 days off from work each week so she can have 3 day classes. She is doing all sorts of child observations and having fun. She did get a new car bug after I got the Goat. We looked at some Pontiac G6’s and Mini Coopers and a few others. We decided to go ahead and wait for a bit, especially with her working less now.

Tasha’s schedule for school is pretty busy, so I doubt we will get down to Austin many times this fall. But if any friends or family want to come up, feel free. Just give us a call and we will work out a good time. The State Fair of Texas starts today and runs for 3 weeks…

Our 1 year anniversary is just a couple weeks away. We both took off that Friday and Monday so we can have a 4 day weekend. We will be going to the Broadway musical Wicked on Friday night and then going camping at Caprock Canyon State Park for Saturday and Sunday night. We will take lots of pictures and tell everyone how it went.

– peeps

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