2 weeks down and OU fans are scared!


Well, we had an easy win against U-La-La and a tough road win at OSU. They had a tough home loss (to a TCU team that lost to SMU) and a “closer than it looked” game against Tulsa. We finally don’t have a quarterback controversy. They have struggling quarterbacks and don’t throw a pass for a whole 30 minutes of football.

I stumbled across this poll on soonerfans.com. 2 weeks in and 56% of voters either think the Longhorns will win or don’t even want to vote….out of fear of their final vote, I assume.

Will Selvin Young even get to play or has Mack learned his lesson about not starting his Frosh studs against OU? If Selvin starts, he fumbles in the 1st quarter…again. Maybe he will just get hurt before then. 🙄

Will our defense limit Adrian Peterson’s impact on the game? Dear God I hope so!

Will Vince Young pull out another magical victory in the national spotlight? I really think so! As long as he takes a sack instead of tossing it downfield with 5 defensive linemen and linebackers draped all over him.

Will Greg Davis lay it on the line and come up with an original game plan? I HIGHLY doubt it.

Will this year be our year against the Sooners? YES! 😈

Hook ‘Em and let’s kill OU…well Rice and Missouri too….but ESPECIALLY OU!

– peeps

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