4 Weeks and 2 Hashes Later, I Am Headed Home!

Well, the commissioning went fairly well and I am headed home now. Sitting in the business class lounge in Jakarta, tired from the 6am flight out of Soroako this morning…

I miss my honey and my doggies dearly and cannot wait to get home and get back to a normal schedule with them. Although my schedule while in Soroako was very regular, it was VERY far from my normal routine.

I will post more when I get home and can sit and think / write clearly about my first experience in Asia.

– peeps

2 Replies to “4 Weeks and 2 Hashes Later, I Am Headed Home!”

  1. We’re sooooooooo glad to have you coming home. Miss priss has been an absolute joy…:roll:

  2. I’m soooooooooo excited that you are finally coming home to your sweet sweet. I know she has missed you dearly. So have I….and I’m not even there…there is no place like home. I can just see Tash and the dogs when you get home. Hope to see you and the family soon.

    Love you,

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