Business Class is Pretty Swank!

I’m not sure I will be able to travel coach ever again! I am chilling (very tired chilling that is) in the Cathay Pacific’s Swanky Lounge (for free) reading email and eating some Chinese food. Beer and wine is free as well, but it is really late and I am getting sleepy.

Our flight has been delayed 2 hours (so hopefully I can get some sleep in the lounge here), so we will be leaving Vancouver for Hong Kong at 5 am (7 am CST).

Peace out!

– peeps

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about long flights and business class. Chicago to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to New Delhi all business class. And I think we might have been on the same plane as my power port only worked on 1 of the 4 flights. Here’s a tip, call the airline and complain. Say you were unable to do important business work because your seat power wasn’t working. Chances are good you’ll get something good (i.e. first class upgrade, vouchers,etc.)

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