April Fool’s DAY? It Is My LIFE!

To many, today is just a day to play pranks on friends and coworkers. A day where most people are off guard because April Fool’s day means nothing other than this to them, so most people don’t spend a bunch of time leading up to that day thinking about the perfect prank. Such is not the case with my family….

You see, April Fool’s day is also my birthday, so it on their minds for the couple weeks or so leading up to it. Also, my family if full of tricksters, so I always have to stay on my toes on this day, so as not to fall victim to their premeditated plans. So far today, I haven’t had any jokes played on me, so I figured I would share a couple of my favorite April Fool’s Day stories.

It was 2nd grade in Mrs. Sippio’s class, Reilly Elementary in Austin, Texas. Throughout the year, I watched Mrs. Sippio give presents to each student when their birthday came. It was usually pens, pencils, stickers, candy or the like. Since my birthday is near the end of the school year, I saw this happen many times and was excited for my present the day my birthday came. On April 1st, I told her it was my birthday, in anticipation of getting my present. However, because it was April Fool’s Day, she said I had to be lying and refused to give me a present! She didn’t even bother to check school records. Instead she just assumed that I was a lying, greedy little punk!

I never got my present!

Here is another, which is probably the one that got me the worst!

It was 8th grade. I had recently returned from a school sponsored trip to Washington DC during spring break. On April 1st, when I arrived home from school, the phone rang. It was Sally from the Texas Department of Health asking to speak with Mr. or Mrs. Peeples. I told Sally that my mother was not there, but could I take a message? She then asked for me. She proceeded to tell me that there was a girl on the same trip with me, from my school, that had tested positive for HIV. Sally said that the girl, who remained anonymous, had named me as a recent sexual partner (in 8th grade?!?!?). I tried to convince Sally that this was false and that I had not, in my entire life to that point, engaged in any sexual activity, let alone on the school sponsored trip. She insisted that she need to speak with my mother. I was freaked out by this, because I knew I had no reason to worry about anything, but why would some girl make up this story about me? About that time, my mom had returned home from work, so I told Sally to hold on and my mom would be on shortly. When my mom got on the phone, she busted out laughing.

Sally was apparently my Aunt Susan and my mom had spoken with her earlier in the day to find the best time to call and catch me after school!

Since then, I try to stay on my feet when April Fool’s Day arrives to prove to them that they can’t beat me! We’ll see if I can fend them off this year. 11 hours to go!

I hope you enjoyed my stories and if you have any fun April Fool’s pranks you have done in the past, leave a comment below for everyone to enjoy!

– peeps

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  1. you should track down your 2nd grade teacher and explain to her how she scarred you so. i’ll tell brandon to grab ya somethin out the treasure chest next time for ya to try and ease the pain 😆

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