Sign in…are you serious????

I find it really irritating that ALMOST every newspaper that has a website requires you to sign up and login just to read a damn story! What is the point really? Is it to get my email address and sell it to the highest bidder? Probably not, as most have a privacy policy. Is it to send me emails about current events? Nope, as I don’t get any emails from the online papers I have signed up for. Is there some online newspaper contest to see who can have the most subscriptions? Possibly…but stupid nonetheless!

Some of you are probably thinking, “What is the big deal, just sign up.”

Well, I’ll tell you why. My contact information is none of their business and not integral to them providing information. Maybe someone just sent me a link to an interesting story and I have no further interest in EVER reading that paper again, other than to read the link I was sent. Do I really need to sign up on a news site for the Nowhere Chronicle of Small Frickin’ Town, Iowa? All it really does is make me ignore the link altogether and the website misses out on possible ad revenue from me possibly clicking on an interesting ad I see on the page displaying the article. Or maybe they miss out on me seeing a link to another interesting story and actually becoming interested in a particular columnist or area of the country and becoming a regular reader.

So again I ask what is gained by making me sign up? If anyone has the answer, please tell me.

This has been a brewing peeve of mine for a while now but this post stems from a simple google search looking for St. Patrick’s Day events in Denton. It brings up a couple links from the Denton Record Chronicle with some possibilities, so I click and get the idiotic crap page asking me to sign up. NO!

Hell, it would even be better if they all used one service to consolidate logins for all papers. How am I supposed to remember if I signed up for your stupid website 4 years ago? I could have been with some other ISPs email address that I can no longer access and can’t remember the password either, but just know I have signed up at least 2 times before on this stupid site! ARGGHH!!!!

EDIT: I must edit to mention the fact that once I was able to retrieve my temporary password (as I actually did have a login from who knows when), but I could not login to the member area to change it because of the crappy programming on the site and the broken contact page to yell at them about this problem with a link to this rant!!!

– peeps

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