Blockbuster glitch or courtesy for former employees?

When we signed up for Blockbuster Online, there was a limit of 3 movies out at a time. According to their FAQ and my account settings, the package we have is still a limit of 3 out at one time. However, we have 4 movies sitting next to the TV right now, with another one getting here tomorrow, I presume.

I imagine this is a glitch in their system or maybe a spring break bonus for current members so they can keep their kids busy during this off period for the kiddos. Hell, it could even be that they are finally righting their wrongs of years ago when I worked long, hard hours for a measly wage (and free movie rentals) for Wayne Huizenga and his Blockbuster Empire.

If this is a new feature for my account level, we are almost always guaranteed to have an unwatched movie sitting at my house with the rate that we watch movies.

If this is a glitch, we will be back to waiting a day or two with no Blockbuster movies to watch….

– peeps

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