When did ‘Peeples’ become ghetto-internet slang?

I was browsing around the web the other day and saw a website (I don’t recall which one) that happened to use the word “peeples” (our last name) as a substitute for “people”. I became curious so I did a Google search for “my peeples” and returned over 300 links to this phrase! The phrase “my peeps” results in over 90,000 links!

Now I can almost handle the use of my nickname (peeps) as a common slang term, and even as an obscure name for a disgusting marshmallow treat, but has this IM, ghetto-internet speak gotten so out of control that PEOPLE will deliberately misspell a word and even type an extra letter just because they want to sound hip?

Abbreviations? Fine, I will shorten a word or two on a quick email to a friend or even an IM, but then writing something on a public, semi-permanent medium, I try to portray some level of intelligence by writing somewhat properly and without the use of ghetto-internet speak.

I’m sure anyone who reads this will feel compelled to post a goofy comment using the word “peeps” or “peeples” in an incorrect context, but know that one day the wrath of the Peeples clan will strike you and will torture you in ways not even imagined during medieval times. Your reproductive system will rot so as to not infect future generations with your genes. If you already have children, they will be forced to endure rigorous tutoring and brainwashing until they can learn to turn off the jive-speak when communicating on a public medium.

– peeps

P.S. No Easter candy jokes either or all the above actions will happen to you too! 😀

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  1. so yeah, apparently, i heard that also our last name is the name of a gang in south austin. i’m figuring i’m their new leader if i can find them. i need minions

  2. Well, this is the first year that this “peeps” tirade has effected me in any way. I would like to say I think it is quite funny. 😆

    ssshhh…don’t tell Mr. Peeps…:evil:

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