State of the Union Honors Byron Norwood

Sara called us tonight about 9pm to see if we were watching the State of the Union Address. As the bad Americans we are, we were not watching. She called to tell us that President Bush honored our late friend and former schoolmate, Byron Norwood in the State of the Union Address.

I can’t believe we missed it, but MSNBC had the full text up minutes after the Address.

Below is the excerpt from the speech that mentions Byron:

Right now, Americans in uniform are serving at posts across the world, often taking great risks on my orders. We have given them training and equipment; and they have given us an example of idealism and character that makes every American proud. The volunteers of our military are unrelenting in battle, unwavering in loyalty, unmatched in honor and decency, and every day they are making our nation more secure. Some of our servicemen and women have survived terrible injuries, and this grateful country will do everything we can to help them recover. And we have said farewell to some very good men and women, who died for our freedom, and whose memory this nation will honor forever.

One name we honor is Marine Corps Sergeant Byron Norwood of Pflugerville, Texas, who was killed during the assault on Fallujah. His mom, Janet, sent me a letter and told me how much Byron loved being a Marine, and how proud he was to be on the front line against terror. She wrote, “When Byron was home the last time, I said that I wanted to protect him like I had since he was born. He just hugged me and said: ‘You’ve done your job, mom. Now it’s my turn to protect you.'” Ladies and gentlemen, with grateful hearts, we honor freedom’s defenders, and our military families, represented here this evening by Sergeant Norwood’s mom and dad, Janet and Bill Norwood.

What an honor for him and his family to be honored so publicly by the leader of our country!

EDIT: MSNBC posted video clips of portions of the Address. There is one video that highlights the section I posted above. Click here to see the video of President Bush honoring Byron Norwood (Click on the “Honoring Soldiers” link – IE required).

– peeps

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  1. Hey Philip! It’s Stephen Waters from Pflugerville.

    I added the reference to the Pflugerville Wikipedia page as soon as I saw it.

    I’m happy you and Tasha got hitched. You seemed a pretty good match the few times I saw y’all together. (Getting married myself in April…)

    Anyway, Cheers and good luck with everything. I assume there’ll be some reunion thingy next year so it’d be cool if y’all made it. If you still have a tuba, Tasha, Rae, you, and I can play Let’s Go Band… or not. 😉


  2. Hey there Stephen! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the links, I am checking them out now.

    Congrats on getting married. Is it anyone I have met? Likely not, or I guess you would have mentioned it.

    No tuba for me anymore, as those suckers were expensive, but I do have an old trombone that I would gladly butcher any song with 😉

    – peeps

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