gets a makeover…

When I decided to stop using CPGNuke as my site script, I converted back to a regular Coppermine site and Ryan helped me get WordPress setup to act as my means of conveying whatever I choose to write about. I checked all the Coppermine themes available and found the one I liked the most and low and behold, that is what Ryan was/is using. 😥 I looked some more and found one I liked. That was the theme I had Ryan integrate into WordPress and I tweaked until it was almost seamless between the 2 systems.

That, however, had it’s limitations since the theme was relatively graphics intensive and I am no graphic designer. So that means design changes to that theme would be somewhat hard to do. So I found a color scheme I liked and altered the layout a bit. I created a single image file for the header and like that, gets a makeover!

Feel free to leave me any comments about the color scheme, image, or whatever to make your visit to my site more pleasant. Are the links colors easy to see, the text easy to read? Too big? Too small? Let me know and I will take your ideas into consideration…

– peeps

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  1. Hey…grassy.

    The link text on the light grey/taupe/whatever background is maybe a little hard to read. It looks great in the sidebar, but the lower contrast in the main section causes it to kind of glare.

  2. Thanks for the input there Evan. I will have to search for just the right color as it is just a bit too dark for anything but black. Maybe if I swap the colors of the footer and the main content section I can use something other than black…

  3. I want to try to integrate coppermine with my WP, I predict a lot of work though. *sigh* 😕

    Yours came out pretty good. Here’s hoping..

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