My Obligatory “Use Firefox, Not IE” Rant!

Well, if you have visited in the past couple days, you have noticed that I added a navigation menu at the top of the page instead of having the navigation links on the right side of the page with the other links. This is done via CSS, plain ‘ol HTML and a bit of code by a WordPress developer called “Intelligent Menus” to highlight the current page. I spent about 3 evenings and lunch hours researching the best way to do this and how to format it the way I want (note that I use Firefox as my default browser). I finally got it formatted the way I wanted and relaxed a bit.

All was good.

That is until I opened up my site for a browser compatibility check and realized that Internet Explorer (IE) does not display the top border on the tabs!

I spent another 3-4 hours trying to fix this to no avail. I will prrobably have to end up creating background images for the tabs and telling the CSS to apply the correct image for the tabs.

Keep in mind that nothing is fancy about the code. It is standard CSS and HTML and IE cannot display it properly! It works in Firefox and Opera, why not IE!

So I take this opportunity to try to introduce everyone to Firefox. Download it now and have a proper viewing experience at

– peeps

8 Replies to “My Obligatory “Use Firefox, Not IE” Rant!”

  1. Whatever you do please download Firefox. Then he will STOP spending soooo much time in the evenings working on this. He will be at peace with the fact that everyone he wants to view his site has Firefox and can see everything he has done to the site and can see it correctly. :mrgreen:

    I love you, honey!

  2. Preachin’ to the choir, man. 🙄

    I had to hack a couple of things on my site to do it, IE being the primary problem entity, but my cross-browser display consistency is pretty good.

    Now if only I can get the hack applying the Google rel=nofollow tag on all user posted comments working, I’ll be one happy camper…

  3. firefox doesn’t work properly at my job because of all the authentication stuff 🙁 i am now to the point where when at home, if i use IE, it seems alien to me and i look at it as if it had 3 eyes..oh wait, it has no eyes..oh crap

  4. Hi!

    I am also trying to get this intellimenu script to work, but no avail.

    I have navigational menu working, but don’t know what else I have to add 😕

    Can you provide some more info how one can make it to work whan one has working navigational menu?

    I run WP1.5 & Kubrick.


  5. Provide me a URL and I will have a look to see what I can find…

    Are you just having problems getting it to show the current tab differently?

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