2004: A Year in Review…

2004 brought lots of excitement and a bit of sadness. Overall it was a pretty fun year. Hopefully 2005 is just as fun.

Let me give a quick summary…

January 2004 Sara Seeman and Caleb Studebaker set a date for their wedding. This is when the pressure to get married increased. 🙂
February 2004 Rae Jackson and Marshall Sanchez got engaged. This is when the pressure to get married SIGNIFICANTLY increased. Little did Tasha know that the plan was already in the works when this news came… 😀
  We got a new puppy from Sara and Caleb. We named him Jester because he acts like a goofball, just like his daddy Shorty.
April 2004 Tasha and I got engaged.
May 2004 Sara and Caleb got married.
August 2004 We took a mini-vacation to The Big Easy.
  Rae and Marshall got married. This was the real reason for our trip to New Orleans.
October 2004 Tasha and I got married.
  We took a week long honeymoon in Mexico.
November 2004 News comes that Byron Norwood, a friend of ours that we went to high school with, was killed in action in Iraq.
December 2004 Almost every part of Texas gets snow. Some places get snow for the first time in 100+ years.

Did you have a good year too? Tell me about it…

– peeps

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